How much of a Photographer are you?

There are many photographers, but there could be many more! Photographers can make really good money, and it is very fun! Photographers can be very fun to hang out with and are great at parties!

Are you a good photographer? This quiz will help you to see where you stand, and will give some advice on where to go from there! If you got at least a 60% on this quiz, you should try to take it up!

Created by: Nick
  1. Select the largest aperture
  2. What does "aperture" mean?
  3. If a picture is "under-exposed", the picture will look like:
  4. A film's ASA/ISO rating indicates:
  5. What does the shutter speed, 1/15, indicate?
  6. What does a lens that is equipped with VR/IS do?
  7. If I asked what a Gary Fong was you would say:
  8. How can you tell if the flash should be used?
  9. Why is perpendicular flash against glass so bad?
  10. Is Nikon a partner of Canon?

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