Art and You - What your art choices say about you

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The art you are drawn to can tell you quite a lot about your personality and the way you live your life. It can also lead you to answers to some of life's question.

Think about artists you like, and designs that draw you. Colors and color combinations and how they make you feel. Do you want to take advantage of your creative forces to improve your life? This quiz is one way to do just that!

Created by: Chemdat
  1. Which artist do you prefer?
  2. During Holi festivities in India people throw colors, and get their targets completely colored up. If you found yourself in India on this Holiday, you would
  3. At a job interview you are required to draw yourself. You have your choice of drawing tools. You choose:
  4. Which do you like more?
  5. Your ideal job (be honest - nobody is looking)
  6. On friendship: You have
  7. A higher power
  8. You'd prefer to read
  9. What do you have hanging on your walls?
  10. You go to dinner with two friends. One of them brings someone you have not really met before. How do you behave?
  11. In your next life, you want to

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Quiz topic: Art and You - What my art choices say about you