Space Explorations P2 Captains Adventure

There are many people who say they know the answers. Well, i cahllenge that! Take this quiz and at question 2 write down what you think will happen. And if you are wrong that that is ok!

Find space in the mysteries that have come before you. Learn and live the life as a captain, lead your people to do the right things. And most of all have FUN!!!!

Created by: Kattie1999
  1. It has been 8 years after you were promoted! You got a star ship called the Sonny B, named after the first Sonny star ship. Your ship is ecuiped with metafazec sheilding and torpitoes, and 473 lives that are abourd!
  2. "I have some good news and some bad news! The good news is I will be going on shore leave, the bad news is that Camander Chris will be running the ship! I hope you wont destroy my ship before i get back!" you joke and your bridge officers laugh. "Dont worry! We have known each other for 12 years! I will take care of Sonny. Now you better get a move on before i make you leave!" Chris remarks.
  3. You grab your bags and transport down to the surface. You have stayed there for one week, relaxing, swimming, and being pampered with! You are glad you will be going back to your own ship. But you have been sitting at the rondavoo port for more than 8 hours! After one whole day you decide to rent a small cargo ship! You take off and were woundering where your crew might be?!
  4. You are struck by a type of wepon that completely rendered you dead in the water! You were trackter beamed into a cargo hold! You were then knocked out! You awaken to the sound of Chris and Leessa. "What happened?" you ask. "We dont really know. All we know is that we were taken here and put under heavely garded walls!" Leessa whispers.
  5. You get up slowly and make your way to a small water despencer and drink. "Well, we have to get out of here! Any suggestions?" you ask. "We have seen certain defences that are not guarded, we might be able to brake threw but it is still unknown." Chris sais. "Where is the rest of the crew?" you wounder. "We dont know! There are only 20 of us here." Leessa pannacks.
  6. "I am going to get those men out of the way, when i say so get out of here and leave!" you whisper to every one. "But, sir." Chris tries to stop you but you already are on your way to the men. You takle the first guy and take the gun from another and say "Go, go!" as you shoot the men. Your crew had taken the escape pods. You look for your other parts of the crew and find that there are 5 cells that are holding your crew. You break into the first, second, and third. But when you reach the fourth you are shot in the back with a fazar. You fall to the ground and see that Chris saves the other prisionors but you are dragged away by 2 men, both wearing black masks.
  7. Later, you wake up to find yourself tied to a chair! A man comes in and takes off his mask. You relize that it is your Engineer! "Whow. Leessa?" you quesion your eyes. "Yes, it is me. I know you are very confused. Let me explain. I am a Larangy spy, i was sent to uncover Starlets most prized secrets, and sell them to the best bidders!" she laughs.
  8. She leaves and you are stunned! But, you have to get out of there and as fast as possable! You get your hands free from the rope and untie yourself. You sneak out of the door and are meet by two men. You kick the first and push on his pressure point. And, then take his gun and shoot the other Larangy.
  9. You break a glass window and climb out of it to notice that you are still at head quarters. You are very confused! "What kind of Larangy hides where she can be found out!" you ask aloud. Then, you hear a voice.
  10. The voice said, "None in fact! That we know any way! An Admiral walks up to you and says, "You passed. All of this was an elabret deseption. To test you and to know if you are ready! Follow me." You follow him to a room where he says to wait.
  11. He tells you that you are a...

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