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You are going on a n advenure that will be exciting and fun! space is where youll be! A cadet is who you are! So come and explore the galaxie with your self!

You are going on a n advenure that will be exciting and fun! space is where youll be! A cadet is who you are! So, remember to take out the trash when it is needed thx!!!!!!THX!!!

Created by: Kattie1999

  1. "Come help me!" "Ok! Yeash!" you reply. "Just because a conduat blew out dosent mean you cant help!" "Sorry" "Now hurry up with those new manafolds!" "I did not know they timed you were timed on a field test!" "Well, if you could hurry up...!" You helped Franklin replace the manafold. You get out of the test tube and remember you have a meetingg with the admiral at 6:20 and it was already 7:00!
  2. You arive at the office. "Well, hello slow poke! Have you finished the slowest running race in the World yet?" "Oh be quit Chris! So when can we go in?" "Well, you were so late the admiral had to skip us until you got here! So i would say in the next HOUR!!!"
  3. You finally meet with the admiral. "Thanks for meeting with us Sir." "Well, show me the plans for the new array i have heard so much abot." he said. "Well... umm... we have been... uhh. Cadet?" Chris stares at you in hope. "We belive that instad of using sencors to pick up incoming ships, we can transfer the arrays unimatricks with a plasma converter!" "And what will that accomplish?" "Well, admiral we figure that the resalution of the arrays sensors , if configurated right, will gain a 67% resalution cwich is signifantly 30% higher than any star ship in the sector!" "Well, it does sound promising. I will tell the board of directors. You may go but leave the plans for it here! Please." "Umm... ok. Thank you sir!" You two left the office!
  4. The next day you meet with Franklin for your next set of tests. You arrive early at the bay. When you heard "When will we excecute the plan, i am uncertain all of the baord is falling for the plan." You hide behind a shelf of parts. What you see makes you fell uncomfortable. The Admiral is talking with Franklin! You listen hard, "I dont know Franklin but i think within the next week or so! Now just keep your cadet occupied! We dont want any more inturruptions." You are so stunned that you knock over the hypo spray and you are spotted! You quickly try to run away but they shot you witha fazer!
  5. You awaken, and find yourself in a dark room. You get up from the floor and try to get to the door but you are overwhelmed with disyness and you suspect they gave you a toxin. You fall back to the ground. moments later a man walks in the room and you see him and reconize his kind. "Tarkasion?" you ask out loud. "Yes" "But your species was band because of your transforming abilities. You tried to over run Starlet! It is a well known fact." "A very sad fact! Because in fact we have been coming threw your space for years to anialate your speicies ever since war between our knids. And a fact is that you are stuck here!"
  6. He left and you tried to find a way out but the door had a accses code to get out! You are stuck! You try to fit in the pieces of your problem but factors keep on appearing. You huddle with your jacket to find that you still have a triquarter?! You are amazed that they had not searched you, you seem suspicious, the Tarkasions are known for thurowness! But you see that you have to get out of there so you use the triquarter to crack the code on the door.
  7. You sneek out and find a fazer and try to find the air craft bay! But you notice that there is a map of a star ship! You relize you are now in space! You search for a shuttle craft, and with luck you find one! You peek in the room and see that there are only 2 peole guarding it there are usually 10 or 15 but you go in any way. They are firing at you and you dodge them and stun them but you figure the Tarkasions had better training! But there was no time you had to get out of there!
  8. You take the shuttle craft and put it in full power and break threw the force feild and go to max speed. You are on your way to the secret head quarters! And then, you mthink and remeber the transformation powers they have! You relize that the admiral and Franklin are actually Tarcasions! A sencor is blinking and there is a slite veriation to the hull plating, nothing to worry about you think. 5 Minuts later the same sencor goes off. "hmm" you say aloud. You seem suspicious so you do a molecular scan and find out that there is a object on your roof?!
  9. You put a space suit on and climb outside. You find a tracking device on it!You remove it and find out why everything was strange they wanted you to lead them to the secret head quarters! You dont know what to do?
  10. You decide to atack them! But your fire power is nothing compared to theirs. You try to contact someone but they cut the communications device. You come up with a sneaky plan.
  11. You land on a near planet and grb what you need and hide behind a rock while you mask your bio sighns. You place fake bio sighns on the other side of the planet. You hear a ship landing and about all the men get out. "They are trying a attack." you whisper. After the men left you ran to the star ship and climbed up to the acsess port and broke in the ship. You run to the bridge and shot the 5 men that were there. You acsessed their self destruct system and set it for 20 minutes and silent mode. You gathered all the information you could about the Tarcasions and ran out as fast as your feet could carry you. But the acsess port has been blocked by 12 men!
  12. You try dodging bullets and firing at the same tie, but there is too many, so you run away to the trans porter room. You activate it and woosh your back on the ground. You take off in the shuttle craft and...
  13. BOOM!!!!!!!!!! The ship exploded right before you reached the atmosphere! But your ship was fine. You flew back to head quarters and was greeted by Chris. "Yo, where were you! We missed the meeting!" You run pass him and fing the board.
  14. After a few days of explaning what happened you were promoted for your bravery to...

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