What Kind Of Day Are You?

Ever wonder what your everyday choices say about you? How about what those choices say to OTHERS? Take this quiz and quench that thirst for the answer to that ever-elluding question - Who AM I?

So what kind of personality do YOU have? Are you well liked? Do people run when they hear you coming? Do they even know you exist? Will you succeed in the world or burn it down with you? Go ahead, take it..TAKE IT... you know you want to.

What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
What is your gender?
You go out to dinner with your mate, what do you order?
A special recommendation from the server.
Whatever is gonna be the funnest to order, let's see if this jerk gets everything right.
I order the same thing I always do, I stick to my usuals.
Mate? What mate? I went with my mom first of all. And order? I'll order a cold salad to go with my cold lovelife!
Ah, movie night. Your favorite flick is on tonight. You rush home to watch:
Lost In Translation - It's so relatable. Everyone changes, but yet stays the same & we're just........here.
The Notebook - Sometimes you need a good tear-jerker.
Fools Rush In - It's got a bit of everything. Comedy, love, sadness. It's the obvious choice.
The Exorcism Of Emily Rose - I feel like exorcising some demons every once in a while for sure!
Your second cousin is getting married and you're going. Most of the night you could be found:
Dancing the new COOL hustle and posing for TONS of pictures with your friends and family.
On the floor with all the other hopefulls. "I'll catch that thing THIS time!"
Skipping out RIGHT after dinner. What's the point? I could be laying on the couch.
Snickering about that chic that looks like she came from the Like A Virgin Tour & complaining about the watered-down drinks.
In high school you were most likely to:
See a therapist
Become President (a well-liked one)
Stay the same
Lead a group of opintionated radicals
Don't really care either way.
I guess if something was important enough, I'd think about thinking about it.
Definately the name of my beloved.
Um.... hello? I do my own!
Your best friend is:
The GROUP of pals I grew up with my whole life!
The only other person who knows how I feel ever. We could be related.
Best friends are overrated, everyone leaves eventually.
Favorite Color?
Black or White
What do you think about this quiz?
Quizes suck, I don't even know why I waste my time.
Really fun, I'm gonna forward it on.
It's alright I guess.
It's making me think I have no one to send it to.
It's Friday afternoon, you're almost off work/school. You're looking forward to:
TPing the neighborhood.
Hangin out then headin to the club/bar.
Having time to myself to write in my journal.
Not having to do ANYTHING.
You just got paid, you run out to buy:
That sweet new Jersey/pair of shoes/pair of hot jeans
The new book, Running With Scissors. I love reading about people's screwed up lives.
Nothing. Waste not want not.
That shirt that says "Leave Me The F*K Alone, You Suck".

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