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  • hello! i really enjoyed this quiz, i think the questions were well thought out and inclusive. something that bugs me the most about these kind of character quizzes is the lack of options that apply to my characters. i got a 13%, yay! however i feel the need to point out that while everyone wants to avoid creating a mary-sue, you should have a healthy balance of unique/interesting characteristics as well as bland ones. you may be so hellbent on avoiding making a mary-sue that you create a completely boring and dull oc. balance is key! a super low score may not be a good thing :)

    • Haha... yikes I got 0%. It's an OC for animations. But basically she was abused by her alcoholic father and ended up being saved by child protective services. Once she was safe, she ran and went homeless with her cat so as not to be adopted or put in the foster system. (She also has bandaged around her eyes from when her father had a... rather nasty attack with a glass bottle) she ends up meeting a boy who's a little cynical but still pretty cool. They become friends to the point that she opens up to him and he allows her to stay at his house as much as possible (his mom doesn't really know too much about the situation... yet) She sleeps on the couch some nights and they are very good friends. Personality wise she's still really optimistic and bright, because she thinks that talking about sad things doesn't help anyone. She doesn't have a lot of friends at school because she won't take their pity. (She also has a passion for cooking!) I hope for a 0% Mary Sue that's still an interesting character?

    • I got a magic dude who basically if he dies, the worlds gonna fall apart, allowing the villain to rule over and act like a "good guy"... Did I also mention that he's got the power to control any living being or magic that's known as "puppeting"? He's also one of the last of his species since the Olpade's (humans) don't like magic. Did I forget to mention that he almost always wins fights, (mostly since he can just make the opponent stop)? I got a 0% Mary Sue. He does die though, so that might be it...

  • My character is an MHA oc but his powers being overpowered is actually a somewhat struggle for him and it's because he is a failed Nomu. He has 5 quirks at the beginning but he slowly loses one and the remaining ones all have limits or can do him in. He struggles to make deeper connection or recognize the ones he has made. He slowly finds out about how he became a Nomu and that AFO isn't the worst person he's ever met. He has to learn morality and what it means to be a hero because he never did. But I like the mystery slowly unveiling and the little hints left for my readers in "Failure to Hero?" On wattpad

  • Had a lot of fun and got an 11% my character is an X-Men oc named Roxanna Darkholme and her powers are night vision, cellular regeneration, anti aging, scaly wings, and horns. her parents are Mystique and Azazel though, so the powers aren't too far fetched. Mystique went back and forth between the German forest where roxanna was left and America to see her girlfriend Irene. This continues until Irene dies of cancer and asks her to retaliate the humans who discriminated against them by training some young mutants. She left Roxanna in the forest at the age of 7 or so because she didn't want anyone to know she was having an affair with Azazel. There she began to hunt after the food Mystique had left her ran out. After a while she begins to explore more and more of Germany and ends up near the village that contains the church that her (unbeknownst to her) brother Nightcrawler lives in. Thanks for reading this far

  • I got a 4% my character Lukas Vincent(Vinny) Carmen is a 13-17 year old kid who made a deal with a old god and is now like the ruler of where dead kids go. Anyways hes kinda insane and leaves his work to his serious and no nonsense bff Monika and hes really not the best ruler kinda making like miserable for everyone which doesnt like him and life splinded for his friends. He likes partying and fighting so hes not really in charge of ruling and is instead a puppet ruler while Monika, #3, Araceli, do the work for him.

  • Got a 6% on my character Jeremiah (Jeers), He's 51 but looks and acts like he's 35 because of the nature of his species. He lost his family in his teens right after his body got exposed to the chemical that changed him from human to another species. He served in the Military for most of his life as both an agent and a tech, eventually marrying his husband Oliver then retiring/getting kicked out (for being gay) to take care of a friends kid after her parents die in action. He has a whole host of mental issues from Eating disorders to suicidal thoughts (all handled with accuracy and care) from both his childhood trauma and his service. He's grumpy but it's hard to actually piss him off and is extremely protective of his family. He has the ability to effect a persons brain chemicals which mean he can force peoples emotions and cause pain response and things like that. If your still reading this thanks for reading, I've become inspired by a lot of these comments so I thought I'd add my own.

  • I really liked this quiz! My oc is apparently 15% Mary Sue, shes the main character in a GLMM. Makes sense because she is not perfect but there are definitely some Mary Sue aspects in her characteristics and lore. I really enjoyed this! <3

  • this quiz was fun hehe

    my first character got a 1%, they're part of a group of teens who are immune to a plague overtaking the world(im writing the story with my friends, each of us writes for each of the characters, its like diary entries), and they've been given the responsibility of looking around the U.S.(all the countries kinda just left each other to fend for themselves) and following instructions from a doctor to find the cure and save a lot of people.

    my other oc got 12%, she's part of a race of creatures who devote their lives to protecting this thing(im not done with the story, so I dont completely know what the thing is yet) that represents life forces and the magic of life? anyways

    they have this legend that there'll be one of them born with a star tattoo on their cheek(the rest of them have the star with a diamond around it), and they'll be the one who protects the life force thingy. but theres this guy who didnt agree with the ways of his people, and he decided "i dont wanna live alongside life and nature and stuff! we should be able to control it!" and he gathers supporters, and he starts using the powers these people have for bad(stealing other peoples life forces, terrorizing people, yadayada) instead of good. so basically her mom was part of an organization that was agaisnt this guy and his organization, and when she gave birth to the main character and she had the star on her cheek, she immediately put her up for adoption in the human world. okay, so, the mc(her names Salem btw) lives until she's 16 with her adopted mother, and then she goes to this summer camp. the summer camp was built on top of where her people live(they live underground), and the main camp building is an old castle from way back when her people didnt live underground. so yea the main love interest for Salem goes to this camp, but Mae(thats the love interest) is part of the organization that Salem's mom was in, and recognizes her. Mae is also pretending to be part of the evil

  • 12! Aha ! I have this character since I was 11year old, and if I've done this quizz back then it will surely be more that 50! My character is an android, name Yurice. She doesn't have power except she doesn't die from old age but she can be 14 to 20, yeah that's weard but she's not a fully android and deacise, but she can be killed! She date the character of my best friend, sayonnor, we created many au for our ocs, one were they were royalty, one were they were animals, ect. The villan is a guy, an humain, who were the BFF of my character and love her and tries to kill the oc of my bff many times XD he's not dead yet but he kinda stop being the vilan. They have a child, a girl, that they adopted because well they two girls! This child is 5, her name is Chara, she also a demon. But the end isn't really happy cause she, Chara, have to leave her mother to go help the demon world, so they haven't seen her in a while, but Chara, after helping the demon wold, she tries finding hers mothers but she kept being in the wrong universe, in other au.

  • This is a great quiz!!! I took this for all my characters and this is what I got:

    2% for Em from Em & Am

    8% for Diamond from Diamonds are Not Just Rocks

    11% for Luci from How to be Perfect
    1% for Jasmine from How to be Flawless
    11% for Bethanne from How to be Amazing
    13% for Mari from How to be Legendary
    This is an amazing quiz!!! 10 stars!!

    • I made a invisible man agent, and got 8%. HOW IN DA WORLD IS THAT POSSIBLE FOR A INVISIBLE DUDE?!??

  • I did this quiz, and here's what I got for my two finalized OC'S!

    Annalise:1% however, I think that's because my character couldn't be described properly

    Clemont: 9% he was described a lot better than Annalise :)

  • I got 13% :D I really thought my character was a Mary Sue at first but Im not sure now, Ill take more quizzes to see but Im glad to know he isnt here :]

  • I got 13%! Hooray! I never want my main characters to be a Mary Sue, and if anyone were to call them that, I'd have to go back and edit the entire book...

    Great quiz!

  • Thank you so much!!!

  • ... my character is of opposite gender 13% i love this quiz its dope

  • Good Quiz

  • How in the world did I get 0%? That's good, but, they are a little op...

    • if u think they're too op, then just change them...

  • 1% for skulla, 3% for water demon, 5% for both zyprok and his sister


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