Horse Quiz (Hard)

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Do you think you are a horse expert? Well this quiz is for you. Be warned, though. It is hard. Don't feel bad when you fail. Ha! Dare to take the quiz of superb horse genius-ness!

There are many different types of questions, like about anatomy, diseases and breeds. Again, don't loose confidence when you fail. Just go learn more, then come back and proove me wrong!

Created by: Caroline

  1. Is the Dee Ring on a Western or English saddle?
  2. Where is the stifle located?
  3. Which type of vertebrate is in the neck?
  4. Which is NOT located inside the hoof?
  5. Which of these behaviors is NOT a sign of colic:
  6. Who won the 2010 FEI World Equestrian Games Womens Individual Gold in Vaulting?
  7. Which of these is a fault in any confirmation class?
  8. What equine disease can humans NOT contract?
  9. Which disease is contracted by ticks?
  10. Kathiawaris, Abtenauers, Andravidas, Cretan Horse, Nakotas, Hirzais, and Kladrubers are all:

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