What Breed Of Horse Are You?

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There are many breeds of horses, each with their own traits and personalities. Horses are beautiful, powerful creatures. And who doesn't love them? Well if you are a fan of horses, you must ask yourself: "What breed of horse am I?" And that's why you are here.

This is a quiz to find out which horse breed you would be. Are you large and strong? Lovely and showy? You might even be a mythical horse! There are ten possible results to this quiz. So give it a try, and find out what horse breed you are!

Created by: annabelle
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  1. Your mate says let's have a race, will you win?
  2. Are you popular?
  3. Are you healthy?
  4. You've cut your knee what will you do?
  5. There's a big competition and your pony is lame, what will you do?
  6. What is your fave breed of horse?
  7. If you were a horse and you were put in a field what would you do?
  8. 2 colours, choose what you like better:
  9. At night your best friend steals your thoroughbred race horse that wins everything, and you find out. What will you do?
  10. What is your fave number?

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Quiz topic: What Breed Of Horse am I?