What breed of horse are you?!

Love horses? Then you might like this. i hope. Think. whatever1 just take the stupid quiz if you want. Please? maybe is not an answer!!! Right? grrrr, i'm getting no where!

Have you ever wondered what you'd be if you where a horse? Well, now you can find out! here, this quizes your personality, and your heart and soul. just remember to have fun!

Created by: sasha

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your fav event is:
  2. Of these things, you are:
  3. you love:
  4. Where peaple would most likely find you:
  5. You and your sister have never been seperated, so you are uper close. Suddenly a dude jumps out and grabs her and runs off. you:
  6. Your fav thing of the horse:
  7. this is for fun: you fav color??
  8. Bored yet?
  9. You have:
  10. Your fav breed?

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Quiz topic: What breed of horse am I?!