How well do u know horses?

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Do you think you know a little bit about horses? What about riding and riders? If these things interest you then take this fun quiz! This quiz isn't really difficult so if you know anything about horses, riding and riders you should do well.

Taking this quiz will test your knowledge and in a short time you will know just how smart you are when it comes to horses and riding! I had fun making this quiz so I hope you have fun taking it! I hope you get good results! Enjoy!

Created by: Valiant
  1. First and most simple! What is the name of the objects you use to ride (saddle, bridle)??
  2. Are western and english saddles similar?
  3. How many times should you pick your horses feet?
  4. Are zebras a type of horse?
  5. If a horses ears are flat back it means the horse is:
  6. The feel a rider has on the reins is called contact, True or False?
  7. What horse color consists of black mane, tail and legs and medium brown body?
  8. What material is mostly used for the saddle and bridle?
  9. How long do horses usually live for?
  10. It is always better to groom your horse before riding it, True or False?
  11. Did you like this quiz?

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