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  • just because you own horses all your life does not mean you know them. go to rick gores website to see what people who have owned horses all their life have for advice.

    lotrnut Dec 22 '15, 6:41PM
  • graciegra i am a western rider and i still pick out my horses feet every day. to the maker of this quiz the last question wasnt fair whether or not i liked your quiz doesnt mean anything about how much i know horses

    lotrnut Nov 19 '15, 2:27PM
  • 100%... I am a horse nerd xD

    NosyPony Jul 29 '15, 6:03AM
  • @TeamJasper me too.
    Send me a message to:
    Gandalf123 on the US server
    Unicornicopia on the International server
    Cimmarron Herd on the UK server
    Eye of the Tiget on the Au server!

    Horses4Ever Apr 14 '15, 11:02PM
  • Hey i have an Howrse account. Send me a message on the UK server at bash40!

    TeamJasper Dec 29 '14, 7:57AM
  • 100% I should know because i own 6 of them and have been riding since i was a toddler. I love them soooo much and have at least 16 books on horses and i know pretty much everything there is to know on them :D

    ImTheHorseLover Dec 26 '13, 10:17AM
  • 100% I should know because i ride and own some horses :) I love them they are my life :)

    BigHorseLover Jul 24 '13, 3:12PM
  • Only got one wrong haha

    Sunday1 May 25 '13, 11:45PM
  • I should know about them since i ride. Got almost 100%. I'm feelin proud! aha

    arrionhudson Feb 22 '13, 11:00AM
  • Well pretty close to 100! If you really love horses, check out this awesome website called! And no I didn't misspell it.Its supposed to have a "w".

    horselover9 Nov 30 '12, 10:35PM
  • actually zebras have been bred with horses and they are called zorses. :) I got 100% woo hoo!

    halshorses28 Nov 7 '12, 10:22PM
  • A couple things, 1: accourding to my dad, a zebra is not a type of horse, but is in the equus family, but cant mate with horses therefore, it is not a type of "horse". 2: the last qeustion is messed up! That is an opinion and does not have a correct answer! I got that one wrong, and it was not even "no"! I agree with Nakita and Eemalee!

    Ranay6781 Sep 30 '12, 1:28AM
  • Okay, GraciGra, even if you are a a western rider, you should still pick out your horse's feet. And btw, ponies have much harder feet than most horses. Before you criticize someone else's horsemanship, make sure yours is accurate.

    HalleysComet Jun 25 '12, 10:46AM
  • I got 73%. I think i could have gotten more if i tried harder. I'm 12, but when i was in like, 3rd grade and 4th, i was REALLY into Horses and knew everything (u no wat i mean) about them. Now i'm into birds and that knowledge has sorta drowed out my knowlage of horses. So anyway, I the quiz! i was rally awesome! I don't really care that i didn't get 100%, so what?!

    ladygagagurl4ev May 14 '12, 8:48PM
  • OMG PPL! Stop criticizing her! Just because she didn't make the greatest quiz on Earth, doesn't mean she's stupid! Also, GraciGra -- just because you didn't like this quiz doesn't mean you have to insult and make fun of her! And just because you people got scores you didn't like doesn't mean you hve to get mad; it's just a quiz! I mean, I got a low score and I'm not complaining!So, seriously people -- chill!

    eemalee Apr 30 '12, 12:40PM
  • This is dumb i got 64 percent cuz i know nothing about what type of horse has what color sorry person you are dumb and stupid! no offense

    Aceleader Feb 14 '12, 6:40PM
  • OMG this girl knows nothing what a moron she asks questions that just depend on what type of rider you are i am a western rider and i hardly ever pick my horses feet this lady probably has like a pony or something and not a real horse and thats why she picks the wittle horses feet every day

    GraciGra Feb 11 '12, 2:59PM
  • I got a hundred percent, but I agree, it wasn't well done, there could've been alot more to say

    daphidil8 Feb 10 '12, 7:18PM

    Rodeo Chic Jan 22 '12, 7:48PM
  • @ nikita great danes arn't the largest dogs english mastiff's are.

    daisym6 Jan 15 '12, 4:55PM
  • The feel? Contact has to do with grip not "feel" dumb---.

    Mihv Jan 2 '12, 7:44PM
  • I loved this quiz

    Che123 Aug 27 '11, 10:48PM

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