Are you ready to own a horse?

Soooooo... You want to own a horse. Do you know enough to take care of one of these beautiful animals? This quiz will help you sate the first step towards your answer!

Well? Do you think you know about horse care? Take this quiz to see... PLEASE REMEMBER: this is only a small amount of things you might need to know. There are MANY things you should know before you buy a horse.

Created by: Horseless HorseGirl

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  1. You are going shopping for a horse (YAY!!!) which horse do you pick?
  2. What color is your dream horse? (pick the group that it's in)
  3. Do you know how to properly catch, groom and tack-up a horse?
  4. Have you ever taken riding lessons?
  5. Do you know the difference between your left and right lead? (this is while you canter)
  6. Ok. Imagine this: you own a horse. (Super cool, I know.) You keep him in the stable behind your house. You get up at what time to feed him?
  7. You go to check on you horse one day. He is pawing at the ground, gets down and rolls, and tries to kick his stomach. What is you reaction?
  8. If you were to get a horse riiiggghhhttt... NOW! where would you keep it?
  9. How much time would you spend with your horse?
  10. What would you feed your horse?
  11. Quick! Pick one!

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Quiz topic: Am I ready to own a horse?