Are you a horse nut?

Lots of people like horses. but are you a real horse nut? most of th time it's hard to tell who really loves horses and who is just saying it.But thanks to this Quiz, you can1

Are you a horse nut? find out by doing this quiz. it will test your horse terminology, breed knowledge,and many other things!Are you a horse nut Do this test to find out!

Created by: Palomino
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  1. What are two colors that are also breeds of horse?
  2. What are two disciplines performed exclusively with an english saddle?
  3. What is the difference between a wild and a feral horse?
  4. What is the only breed of truly wild horses?
  5. What are the three basic trees for western saddles?
  6. What is a tree?
  7. What are 3 materials a tree can be made of?
  8. What is a bit?
  9. What is the horse's natural reaction to fear?
  10. What is a welara pony?
  11. What is the latin name for the domestic horse?
  12. how many months does a mare carry a foal for?
  13. What are the three divisions of horses?
  14. What division is a Clydesdale in?
  15. What division would a Hanoverian be in?
  16. What division would an arabian be in?
  17. What is the average horse's lifespan?
  18. How many breeds of horses are estimated to be around today?
  19. What is a falabella?
  20. What is a popular breed for endurance riding?
  21. What breed of horse was Big Ben?
  22. What does Bucephalus mean?
  23. Who was Bucephalus?
  24. What is a farrier?
  25. What does PMU stand for?
  26. What is a stallion?
  27. What is a mare?
  28. What is a Gelding?
  29. What is a Yearling
  30. What is a colt?
  31. What is a foal?
  32. What is a filly?
  33. Most foals are weaned at the age of:
  34. What is creep-feeding?
  35. How many inches is a hand?
  36. Should you measure a horse with or without shoes?
  37. Are twin foals a usual occurence?
  38. What is colic?
  39. What are 3 signs your horse is colicing?
  40. What are the 4 standard horse gaits?
  41. What is the world record for the fastest speed a horse can go?
  42. Do horses sleep standing up?
  43. What are 2 other distant relatives of the horse?
  44. What are 2 horse- sports that are in the Olympics?
  45. Where is the RCMP breeding farm based?
  46. What is a common use of horse hair?
  47. How many gallons of water does a horse need to drink every day?
  48. True or False. The placing of the horses legs in the air is a way of telling how the horse's rider died.

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