How Well Do You Know The Horse Breeds

There are many horse crazy people in the world but, few are true horse lovers. A horse lover is somebody that know matter what happens they will stay by there horse.

Are you smart enough to ace this quiz? Do know enough about the horses of the world? But know you can figure it out, thanks to this awesome quiz you will find out in a couple of minuets.

Created by: Kandy77 of Horse Crazy
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  1. What is the oldest and purest horse of all breeds?
  2. Which horse is especially skillful at breeding?
  3. Which horse is best for racing?
  4. Which horses is the strongest?
  5. Which horse is better for carrying people up mountains?
  6. which horse takes its name from the Palouse River?
  7. What is the Scotland's breed of a heavy horse?
  8. Which horse is good for entering competitions and doing farm work?
  9. which horse is not used for riding purposes?
  10. Which type of horse is a guide horse?
  11. What horse is a spotted breed?
  12. Which horse is used to round up bulls in bull fights?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know The Horse Breeds