Use to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Every webmaster or blogger wants one thing: more traffic. More traffic means more eyeballs looking at your creation, reading your content, giving you feedback. More traffic also can mean more money if you are supported by advertising. Yet most people find getting traffic their most difficult task. It isn't easy to get noticed in a sea of millions of other web sites and blogs.

Solution: Gain Visitors From

When you create a quiz, your link appears with it. After someone takes your quiz, they might click through to your web site. The more people taking your quiz, the more people potentially clicking through--more traffic. Some links get over 5% click-thru rates. Imagine if thousands of people take your quiz!

There are many quiz sites out there, mostly populated by teenagers who create quizzes that only their small circle of friends would be interested in. However a well-created quiz, one that is interesting and that people would enjoy taking, could gain a lot of attention. The very best ones could become very popular. We at give you the tools to create such a quiz. And a popular quiz means more clicks for you.

So Put Some Thought Into Your Quiz

Sketch out some ideas on paper, decide what questions you want to ask, what results to give, and how the answers people select will affect those results. You can't create a quiz here in two minutes--it takes a little more effort than that. If you want to create a two-minute quiz, find another quiz site. is for people who want to go above mediocrity. That extra effort you put in could make the difference between a forgettable quiz and a popular one.

Create a Quiz

Get started creating that quiz, and with a little effort you could be sending more traffic to your site very soon. Good luck!