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  • 669
    what kwami are you
    rated: 3.09/5Promoted 23 days ago | taken 669 times | 1 comment

    in this quiz we determin what miraculous kwami you are ok thank you for taking the quiz jegweguyegjwbouwrggfuywerf hgfuywegfyeygrfvuijurtnurfnvjnvjtg …

  • 910
    Your Eevee will evolve into...
    rated: 4.15/5Promoted 29 days ago | taken 910 times | 3 comments

    I'm sure everyone who knows Pokemon knows about Eevee. Voted the cutest by Pokemon fans, its eight different possible evolutions with different types …

  • 1.5K
    Will you ever be happy?
    rated: 4.05/5Promoted 38 days ago | taken 1.5K times | 1 comment

    Everyone dreams of being happy or at least being satisfied in life. Have you had poor relationships or none at all? Do you think your life is going …

  • 2.7K
    What is your political ideology?
    rated: 3.79/5Promoted 43 days ago | taken 2.7K times | 1 comment

    This test will help you decide which political ideology you are affiliated with and is a good starter if you are still beginning to learn more about …

  • 1.1K
    The 90s Kid Quiz
    rated: 3.9/5Promoted 44 days ago | taken 1.1K times

    90s kids know no other generation had it better than they did. The music, the toys, the trends that we all remember--what's not to love about the 90s? …

  • 787
    How Well Do you Know Draco Malfoy.. Are You His Fan?
    rated: 3.55/5Promoted 44 days ago | taken 787 times | 2 comments

    Do you think you get the 'magic' it takes to know Draco Malfoy. Who are you? A fan? A wannabe? An imposter? Or are you just a person who is head over …

  • 4.5K
    How much is your life worth living?
    rated: 3.64/5Promoted 49 days ago | taken 4.5K times | 6 comments

    People often wonder exactly how much their life is worth living. It's not uncommon to wonder that, actually. Many people tend to ask themselves that …

  • 720
    How well do you know Supergirlygamer
    rated: 2.97/5Promoted 2 months ago | taken 720 times

    There are people who try and succeed along with people who try harder but still fail so all of those losers I hope you know that you aren't stupid or …

  • 951
    Which Spirit Riding Free Character are you?!
    rated: 3.87/5Promoted 2 months ago | taken 951 times | 1 comment

    Have you watched the tv show Spirit Riding Free? If you have, take this quiz and find out which character you are! You could be Lucky Prescott, …

  • 3K
    Who are you from the Shane Dawson squad?
    rated: 4.48/5Promoted 3 months ago | taken 3K times | 2 comments

    This quiz is about Shane Dawson and his friends that we all love. Find out who you are from this quiz. You could be: Shane, Morgan, Garrett, Ryland or …