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  • 513
    Are you a villain or a hero?
    rated: 3.81/5Promoted 4 days ago | taken 513 times | 3 comments

    I'll tell you if you're a Hero or a Villain (or in between). There are six different results, ranging from 0% to 100%. The higher your score is, the …

  • 196
    Which Economic Ideology are You?
    rated: 4.16/5Promoted 4 days ago | taken 196 times

    This is a quiz that attempts to predict which ideology you follow or would be most likely to follow. This quiz is not 100% accurate which may be …

  • 878
    Do I need to go to a mental hospital?
    rated: 4/5Promoted 5 days ago | taken 878 times | 5 comments

    This is a quiz that will tell you if you need to go to a mental hospital and receive professional help with your mental health. If you do, do not be …

  • 543
    Which Harry Potter character fits your personality best?
    rated: 4.13/5Promoted 6 days ago | taken 543 times

    This quiz is what Harry Potter character your personality is most similar too! A lot of these choices make big impact on what you get to make sure …

  • 377
    Soarting Hat (stereotypical speaking)
    rated: 3.67/5Promoted 7 days ago | taken 377 times | 1 comment

    Are you still doubting about which Harry Potter house are you in? with this test you will still doubting, but not a lot, i just used my common sense …

  • 549
    Which MCYT are you?
    rated: 4.65/5Promoted 7 days ago | taken 549 times

    Hello welcome to this quiz :) this is meant to test which MCYT are you most like, just know this isn't perfectly accurate qwq welp, hope you enjoy …

  • 406
    Which BBC Merlin core 4 character are you?
    rated: 4.63/5Promoted 8 days ago | taken 406 times

    BBC Merlin is a TV series based on the Arthurian legends, including many loveable characters, both fun and sad storylines, and some questionable …

  • 123
    Which HxH Character's type are you? (Male edition)
    rated: 4.63/5Promoted 8 days ago | taken 123 times

    Take this quiz if you want to find out which Hunter x Hunter boy's type you are. I'll make a female one later if anyone wants it. I hope you like it, …

  • 439
    What Marauders Era Character are you?
    rated: 4.45/5Promoted 9 days ago | taken 439 times | 1 comment

    Hello!!Thanks for coming here :)This quiz will show you what marauders era character are you.btw sorry for spelling mistakes english is not my first …

  • 221
    rated: 4.39/5Promoted 9 days ago | taken 221 times | 2 comments

    Hi, My name is Niya. This is a quiz that I made for some fun. It tells you which Heroes of Olympus character are you. There are 10 questions in the …