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  • 154
    Which Magia Record Character Are You?
    rated: 3/5Promoted 4 days ago | taken 154 times

    Can’t get enough of Madoka Magica? Of course you can’t! It’s frickin’ awesome! So, wanna know what Magia Record Character you are? Let’s …

  • 249
    Does Your Crush Like You? (Middle School Girls)
    rated: 3.75/5Promoted 4 days ago | taken 249 times | 1 comment

    Hi guys! This is my first quiz, so I hope you will enjoy it! I made this quiz for middle school girls (6-8 grade) who have crushes on boys! Does that …

  • 283
    IQ Test [Accurate]
    rated: 3.26/5Promoted 5 days ago | taken 283 times | 2 comments

    Are you smart or a genius? This is a certified, real IQ test, which features mind trick questions for people. Many people claim to actually be of …

  • 207
    Wings of Fire how well do you know Starflight
    rated: 4.34/5Promoted 5 days ago | taken 207 times

    Hi my name is Zeldamaster0. I love wings of fire and The legend of Zelda Breath of the wild. I have read almost all of the books on Wings of Fire. I …

  • 1K
    The Book of Ephesians - Quiz
    rated: 4.5/5Promoted 6 days ago | taken 1K times

    May 2018 we read the Book of Ephesians! It's a wonderful book of the Bible full of instructions that relevant to our everyday lives today. Test your …

  • 104
    Which "Ouran High School Host Club" Character are You?
    rated: 5/5Promoted 6 days ago | taken 104 times

    Ever wondered what character you resonate with most? I don't really have that much to say, but I need to type in one hundred and fifty characters …

  • 64
    Which Medoran chronicles character are you?
    rated: 3.84/5Promoted 7 days ago | taken 64 times

    Don't hesitate to enter step in.Ever wondered who your most similar to in the Medoran chronicles?Well this quiz will reveal that question. You may not …

  • 755
    Who is your Harry Potter girlfriend?
    rated: 3.93/5Promoted 8 days ago | taken 755 times

    Find out which Harry Potter girl you would most likely date if you went to Hogwarts. You will find this out based on linked interests, similar topics, …

  • 129
    Which Allies//Axis powers character are you?
    rated: 3.4/5Promoted 9 days ago | taken 129 times

    In this quiz it will be trying to match your personality traits to see which Hetalia character from the Allies and Axis's suits you the most,by …

  • 843
    Are You Ladybug, Or Cat Noir?
    rated: 4.27/5Promoted 9 days ago | taken 843 times | 1 comment

    Have you ever wondered whether you are Ladybug Or Cat Noir? Well, wonder no more! Finally an accurate quiz you can trust! No spoilers! ( Totally Kid …