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  • 405
    Which Big Bang Theory Character Are You?
    rated: 4.3/5Promoted 13 days ago | taken 405 times

    This quiz is about which Big Bang Theory character you are, determined by the answers you give about your personal preferences, lifestyle, work …

  • 1.2K
    Who's your HP soulmate?
    rated: 3.96/5Promoted 14 days ago | taken 1.2K times | 3 comments

    Hey, this is a quiz on who your HP soulmate is! There are both Males and Females on this quiz so just wanted to let ya know! This is based on what I …

  • 500
    ]wings of fire love story
    rated: 4.47/5Promoted 14 days ago | taken 500 times

    Um this is a wings of fire love quiz yay I hope you like the quiz and my characters and um yeah hope you like this sorry I repeated things lol Um well …

  • 568
    You need your bottom warmed.
    rated: 3.6/5Promoted 15 days ago | taken 568 times

    You have been very naughty and need a good, thorough spanking. The only question is, how soundly will you be spanked? Will I spank you with my hand or …

  • 474
    Which Disney princess are you?
    rated: 4.46/5Promoted 15 days ago | taken 474 times | 4 comments

    Are you wondering what Disney princess best matches you? If so, hurry up and take this short quiz to find out! (I couldn't add ALL the princesses …

  • 431
    Which season 8 Dance Moms dancer are you?
    rated: 4.25/5Promoted 16 days ago | taken 431 times

    Have you ever wondered which season 8 dancer are you most like? Who fo you think you are? Maybe Sarah? Or Lily?I quarantine you'll know after taking …

  • 342
    What Kind of Self-Spanking Do You Need This Week?
    rated: 2.89/5Promoted 16 days ago | taken 342 times

    Being your own disciplinarian is no easy task! It requires determination, willpower, and honesty to successfully and fairly evaluate your behavior …

  • 763
    What Animagus Will YOU Be?
    rated: 1.93/5Promoted 17 days ago | taken 763 times | 2 comments

    An Animagus is when a witch or wizard can, at will, turn into an animal. Usually the animal matches your personality. If you take this test with …

  • 1.3K
    Which Disney Princess Are you? (VERY ACCURATE!)
    rated: 4.03/5Promoted 17 days ago | taken 1.3K times | 14 comments

    Yay the day is finally here! You get to find out witch Disney princess you are! Remember to be honest otherwise you may not get an accurate answer! …

  • 724
    Sorting Bat: to which Hogwarts House do you truly belong?
    rated: 4.29/5Promoted 18 days ago | taken 724 times | 2 comments

    Welcome to the Sorting Bat, based on the widely known Sorting Hat from the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Hopefully it will be able to identify some …