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  • 596
    Would you be a good guinea pig owner?
    rated: 3.28/5Promoted 34 days ago | taken 596 times | 3 comments

    Guinea pigs are awesome pets. This quiz will test your guinea pig knowledge. To care for a guinea pig, you must know a lot about them! I currently …

  • 629
    Put one direction at hogwarts houses and i will sort you!
    rated: 2.86/5Promoted 34 days ago | taken 629 times

    You set One direction members in hogwarts houses. Ps. If you are a very big fan of Zayn and you are a Harry Potter nerd, dont take this quiz. But I …

  • 118
    Which Danish Political Party Do You Support? 2.0
    rated: 3.5/5Promoted 35 days ago | taken 118 times

    In this quiz, you will find out which of the 10 Danish parties represented in the Folketing that you agree most with. So as we say in Danish: Hvem er …

  • 176
    What's your signature HSL colour? (Saturation and Lightness)
    rated: 4/5Promoted 35 days ago | taken 176 times | 1 comment

    HSL stands for HUE, SATURATION, and LIGHTNESS. This quiz will determine what Lightness and Saturation suit you best on the HSL colour wheel, based on …

  • 83
    What Wynonna Earp House are you?
    rated: 5/5Promoted 36 days ago | taken 83 times

    Have you ever wondered what it might be like if Wynonna Earp had houses like Hogwarts? Well, wonder no further! Put on the magical Sorting Stetson and …

  • 611
    Are you in the school for good, or evil?
    rated: 4.34/5Promoted 36 days ago | taken 611 times | 1 comment

    This is Dean Sophie, the dean of Evil. This test will determine whether you are an Ever or Never, so you better answer the answer correct to your …

  • 372
    What's your Signature Colour? (HSL)
    rated: 3.68/5Promoted 37 days ago | taken 372 times | 5 comments

    HSL stands for HUE, SATURATION, and LIGHTNESS. This quiz will determine what HUE suits you best on the HSL colour wheel, based on various aspects of …

  • 483
    Which X1 member are you?
    rated: 4/5Promoted 37 days ago | taken 483 times | 1 comment

    Hello! This is a quiz where you will find out which X1 member represents you the most. There will be 10 questions for you to anwser. They are …

  • 230
    Which cat breed are you?!? Answer truthfully
    rated: 4.17/5Promoted 38 days ago | taken 230 times | 1 comment

    If youve ever wondered what kind of cat you would be, then youve come to the right place! These are of course only the most popular types of cats, so …

  • 253
    Are you a kind person?
    rated: 4.34/5Promoted 38 days ago | taken 253 times | 1 comment

    This is a small quiz to see if you are a kind and considerate person. It is up to you what the traits of a good person are, but most people say it …