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  • 457
    What is your mha quirk?
    rated: 3.83/5Promoted 49 days ago | taken 457 times | 1 comment

    Hi! Welcome to my quiz! It is my first quiz so I hope you enjoy it! This quiz is going to give you One out of Ten (I think) different quirks! I really …

  • 568
    What color is your Magic Aura?
    rated: 4.1/5Promoted 2 months ago | taken 568 times | 6 comments

    Imagine you are a warrior with the power to create a magical aura to eliminate your opponents. In this quiz, we will determine what color your magic …

  • 196
    How well do you know Wings of Fire (All books) EXPERTS ONLY!
    rated: 4.45/5Promoted 2 months ago | taken 196 times

    Hi, this is a quiz to test your knowledge about Wings of Fire! It also has some harder questions, but you can handle it if you're an expert. Remember …

  • 46
    How Well Do You Know Your Christian Inheritance?
    rated: 4/5Promoted 2 months ago | taken 46 times

    This is a simple quiz to assess your basic knowledge of your Christian Inheritance. Understanding your Inheritance is a core part of your Christian …

  • 377
    Which Of My Tokyo Ghoul OCs Are You?
    rated: 3/5Promoted 2 months ago | taken 377 times

    This is a quiz that will ask a few serious questions and a few 'for fun' questions. The characters are not all of my Tokyo Ghoul Original Characters, …

  • 559
    Are you Hester, Anadil or Dot from school for good and evil?
    rated: 4.51/5Promoted 2 months ago | taken 559 times

    Want to know which witch from the coven of room 66 you are? Take the quiz and find out and see if you are more of a Hester, Dot or Anadil from school …

  • 228
    How much experience do you have in minecraft?
    rated: 3.92/5Promoted 2 months ago | taken 228 times | 1 comment

    Welcome to the minecraft quiz! Do you have what it takes to finish the game? Try this quiz to test your minecraft brain! Lets hope its good enough to …

  • 58
    What dice should you use while GM'ing
    rated: 4.5/5Promoted 2 months ago | taken 58 times

    Here is a fun quiz with recommendations about which dice you could use those evenings when you have the honor of leading a roleplaying game. Dice make …

  • 835
    Which My Hero Academia boy has a crush on you?
    rated: 4.58/5Promoted 2 months ago | taken 835 times | 5 comments

    This is the first quiz I ever made and it took me about a day, the endings are okay but I could do better. I would have done more but characters but …

  • 427
    What Miraculous Ladybug character are you like the most?
    rated: 4.37/5Promoted 2 months ago | taken 427 times

    Hello! Today you will be finding out who in Miraculous Ladybug you are like the most! You are able to get: Marinette, Adrien, Nino, Alya, Luka, …