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  • 383
    What Instrument Is Best For You?
    rated: 3.68/5Promoted 2 months ago | taken 383 times | 4 comments

    This is a quiz i made for fun and... that's it! There is no other reason you should be taking this quiz. It should be for fun and for fun only. By the …

  • 160
    {A Love Story} Warrior Cats {For She-Cats}
    rated: 4.28/5Promoted 2 months ago | taken 160 times | 2 comments

    Hello, and welcome to a Warrior Cats quiz that involves a love story just for she-cats! Like any story, the answer may be obvious while you are …

  • 423
    Draco Malfoy love story Chapter 1
    rated: 4.37/5Promoted 2 months ago | taken 423 times

    I guess I have to fill this all with woorrddss. How very boring anyway this is my first time doing a Draco series any experts sos? Any way hope you …

  • 565
    which fnaf character are you
    rated: 3.85/5Promoted 2 months ago | taken 565 times

    Hi there, my name is Ryan, i do a different quiz every week and this week i thought i would do the Five Nights At Freddy's characters. this quiz will …

  • 625
    Which unordinary character are you?
    rated: 4.18/5Promoted 2 months ago | taken 625 times | 2 comments

    Hey. This is my first quiz. The characters I have included from unordinary are John, Seraphina, Arlo, Remi, Blyke, and Isen. I chose an unordinary …

  • 162
    what wings character are u most like???
    rated: 4.43/5Promoted 2 months ago | taken 162 times

    see which one of my character ur the most like!!(idk whst to put here i have to hit a max limit of characters and idk what else to write so …

  • 484
    How much do you know about Squid Sisters and Off the Hook?
    rated: 4.36/5Promoted 2 months ago | taken 484 times | 1 comment

    I thought to myself, "Hey, yo should TOTES make a quiz about the Squid Sisters AND Off the Hook!" Then I replied to myself: "Okay!" So here you have …

  • 805
    Which Bunk'd character are you?
    rated: 3.97/5Promoted 2 months ago | taken 805 times

    This quiz will tell you which character from the disney channel show, Bunk'd! It is not the new characters, but the old characters because they were …

  • 1.5K
    What type of Dere are you?
    rated: 4.17/5Promoted 2 months ago | taken 1.5K times | 3 comments

    Here you will learn what type of Dere you are! "Dere" is a Japanese term for a type of girl. This includes the 7 popular types: Tsundere, Kuudere, …

  • 223
    Which Ravenclaw Featured in Harry Potter is Most Like You?
    rated: 4.74/5Promoted 2 months ago | taken 223 times | 4 comments

    Hello, lovely Ravenclaw friends! I researched and collaborated seven prominent Ravenclaw characters from the Harry Potter books, each representing …