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This is a therian quiz this is not100% accurate so please don’t assume anything just by this quiz you might be a different type of alterhuman <3 :)) :) :)

Do not take anything I said to offense, and do not assume anything because of this quiz take multiple quizzes to make sure you might be a different type of alter human other confection can there and it does not matter do your own research

Created by: Lavender_therian
  1. Where do you feel most comfortable and connected to when seen or visited
  2. What would you rather have
  3. Do you feel like something’s is missing from you life or from a previous one
  4. What would you eat if you were a animal
  5. Do you get shifts where you get..
  6. Do you feel connected to…
  7. Do you feel like you are a therian?
  8. Are you a therian and because of TikTok?
  9. Do you believe that you are still human?
  10. Did you like this quiz?

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