Therian quiz (what is youre therotypes) ps not 100% accurat

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Find yourself and your therotypes this is not 100% accurate Im a black wolf and a silver fox 🦊 therian. I don’t know everything do ur own research before you assume everyone’s experiences are different

Do your own research don’t assume make sure that this quiz isn’t going to turn that you make sure that you have you feel inside of you that you are assume a therian her past lives or shifts

Created by: Lavender_therian
  1. Would you rather have
  2. Witch diet would you have if you were a animal
  3. Wich of the following places do you feel connected/bonned to when see/visted
  4. Do you like to be in any pack or sort
  5. When you feel a shift coming on do you want to…/can
  6. Do you feel like something that is missing from your life or in past ones
  7. Witch animals do you think you are will be or used to be
  8. When your in pain you tend to…
  9. When someone tries to take you land
  10. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Therian quiz (what is mye therotypes) ps not 100% accurat