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This quiz is NOT accurate and does not label you as a therian or not, everyones journey is different. This is to help you narrow it down! If you're actually wondering if you're a therianthrope or not, do research! If you need SOME help, take this quiz.

Are you wondering if you're a therianthrope or not? Maybe this quiz will help! Btw, do not take this quiz seriously! This is just to help narrow it down for you. Do some actual research!

Created by: Saya
  1. Hello, my name is Saya, she/her, red fox therian! Just to remind you, everyones journey is different. Not every therian has a past life, or shifts, or has one theriotype. AND this quiz is NOT accurate! Don't take this quiz seriously. This quiz is just to help you to kind of narrow it down. Do your research! Now, lets get started!
  2. So, do feel connected to animals in a way? Can you tell me how? Please answer truthfully when you answer!^^
  3. Are you happy you're a human?
  4. Do you have any animalistic behaviors, qualities, and physical characteristics?
  5. Just so you know, answers and questions don't really determine if you are a therian or not. I'm here to help you and give you answers. Time tells, some feelings will wax and wane, but it will never go away. Each person has an accumilation of years of experiences that is attributed to feeling non-human. Analizing and minding your feelings, behaviors, personality, mindset, and therianthropy shifts is an important factor.
  6. Alright, that is it! Just so you know, this is YOUR journey. Not mine. I can't easily determine if you are one or not based on inane questions. This is just to help you a tiny bit. Good luck on your journey! Bye! -Saya^^ P.S. Was this quiz good? Leave a comment and share your story if you want!
  7. Quick questions just for fun! What's your favourite colour?
  8. A quick roleplay scenario! Pick a random one to skip, it doesn't affect your answer! You are outside, the breeze is gentle, yet it sends shivers down your spine at times. The grass is flowing, the sun is setting, which leaves an orange sherbet hue.Out of no where, you see a red fox jump out of a bush, looking at you with its chestnut eyes. You:
  9. If you were to become an animal for a day, which one?
  10. If you could be a mystical creature, which one?

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