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  • 937
    What Will Happen In Your Future Life 10 Years From Now?
    rated: 3.91/5Promoted 24 days ago | taken 937 times | 10 comments

    The future is something we always think about. Especially 10 years from now. But have you ever wondered what things will be like in your future life …

  • 412
    What is your element?
    rated: 4.03/5Promoted 24 days ago | taken 412 times

  • 443
    Hogwarts House Quiz (even accurate then Pottermore)
    rated: 4.27/5Promoted 25 days ago | taken 443 times | 5 comments

    The famous Hogwarts Sorting Hat gives an account of its own genesis in a series of songs sung at the beginning of each school year. Legend has it that …

  • 203
    Your Game Of Thrones Job
    rated: 3.82/5Promoted 25 days ago | taken 203 times

  • 203
    The Remnants of Eternity : What is your title of power?
    rated: 4.48/5Promoted 26 days ago | taken 203 times | 3 comments

    Hello everyone, this quiz is for my new series. You do not need to know anything about the series to take this quiz. This quiz is designed to tell you …

  • 150
    What Amulet character are you?
    rated: 4.56/5Promoted 26 days ago | taken 150 times | 1 comment

    I love amulet so I decided to create a quiz. I hope you all like it. This is my first quiz I have made so it probably isn't that good. But I tried my …

  • 62
    What is your DnD character's ability scores?
    rated: 3/5Promoted 27 days ago | taken 62 times

    Every task that a character or monster might attempt in the game is covered by one of the six Abilities. These abilities affecting nearly everything …

  • 130
    What Character Are You In My Fantasy Story? 7 Results
    rated: 4.17/5Promoted 27 days ago | taken 130 times

    In this quiz, you will be seeing which of my characters you relate the most to! Isn't this exciting? There are seven possible results as I mentioned …

  • 244
    Which Emo Quartet leader are you?
    rated: 4.48/5Promoted 28 days ago | taken 244 times

    Welcome! Have you ever wondered which of the emo quartet leaders you are? Look no further! Just answer a series of questions as honestly as possible …

  • 608
    What Riverdale Character are you??
    rated: 2.42/5Promoted 28 days ago | taken 608 times

    Hello! Today I am going to help you find out which Riverdale character you are? Are you silly,fun,adventurous?? You might be cheeky?! So I really hope …