How Popular are You? (MOST ACCURATE)

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Hi , Has the question , "How popular am I?" bothered you? Take this test to truly see how popular you are. Remember to be honest , ok? It doesn't matter.

" It seems as though that popularity is a main issue to teens. The need to feel accepted by others in order to be the center of attention, and the need to be distinguished greatly from everyone else is a strong force that exposes itself to nearly all teens at school." (Credit : [no urls])

Created by: Yanis
  1. How many friends do you have
  2. How many times are you bullied per month?
  3. What lifestyle do you prefer?
  4. If you have a sibling and they let you play with their friends , how many friends does he/she have?
  5. How attractive do people consider you from 1 (ugliest) to 5 (most pretty)?
  6. Do you have a crush , or boy/girlfriend ?
  7. Do you have a special talent?
  8. How many subs do you have in total added up on social media?
  9. How do people usually greet you? Or something like it
  10. Are you bullied for something specifically?
  11. Are you a friend of a bully?
  12. What style do you prefer

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Quiz topic: How Popular am I? (MOST ACCURATE)