Do You Know MW2???

There are many smart people, but few true COD geniuses. Only a few really know what guns to use, what camos, the right moves, and how NOT to be a NOOB.

By taking this quiz, we'll be able to see if you have the skill to be considered a COD pro, like me. By taking a few minutes out of your busy COD games, you'll see you're ACTUAL skill level.

Created by: codkid123
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  1. What is your favorite assault rifle in MW2?
  2. What are the names of the enemy teams in multiplayer
  3. What is a camo avalible for one of the guns?
  4. What is the smallest map in Matchmaking?
  5. Does the ACR have recoil???
  6. Who kills Ghost in the campaign?
  7. True or False, attack dogs are really annoying
  8. Does Captain Price where a fishing hat?
  9. Do LMG's reload faster than SMG's?
  10. ok, last question. How many prestiges r there, and how many levels r in a prestige.

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Quiz topic: Do I Know MW2???