How Well Do You Know 1984?

There are many smart people, but few true geniuses that scrutinize every word in every sentence of every paragraph of every page. Such people are usually those who excel in life. Are you one of those people?

Have you truly understood 1984? Have you paid attention to Orwell's descriptions and portrayals? Or have you just turned a blind eye to the information presented? Until now you could only wonder...

Created by: Zein of Orwell101
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  1. When did George Orwell write this novel?
  2. Where does Winston Smith work?
  3. What is Winston's job at the Ministry?
  4. What is the first crime that Winston commits?
  5. What does Winston write in this diary?
  6. Who is Big Brother?
  7. What is Oldspeak?
  8. Where is Room 101?
  9. Who/What is St.Clements Dane?
  10. Name the three superstates in 1984
  11. According to O'Brien 2+2=?
  12. Who betrays Julia?
  13. What is Winston's biggest fear?
  14. What is a telescreen?
  15. Compelte the following: Big Brother...
  16. The proles comprise __% of Oceania's population
  17. What is a memory hole?
  18. What is Joycamp?
  19. Julia is part of the ...
  20. The Theory and Practice of Oligarchial Collectivism is said to be written by ...

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know 1984?