What's your SMWC status?

SMWCentral is a large community of many personalities, full of noobs, mods, regular users, and the occasional awesome, all-around hacker (member).

With that said, do you ever wonder what kind of user YOU are? Take this quiz and figure out who you are and what you need to do to get to the top!

Created by: LudwigVonKoopa

  1. What is your post type?
  2. Do you frequently use memes in your posts?
  3. Which topics do you post most in?
  4. What do you post in?
  5. Which user do you think most of?
  6. Are you a moderator?
  7. Do know a lot of users? Are you friends with many?
  8. Do you play Touhou or Pokemon?
  9. Which user do you want to kill?
  10. Are you a SMW hacker?

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Quiz topic: What's my SMWC status?