What's your JDCGames Status?

This is the ultimate quiz to find out your true status on JDCGames - your one stop site for Level designing using Super Mario's Engine. Are you a respected user or a newbie? Find out!

So, why not find out? There are 15 questions in the quiz. Some of which have more then one possible answer, although some don't. I hope you enjoy the quiz. :)

Created by: JDCGames

  1. When did JDCGames first open?
  2. When did the second incarnation of JDCGames open?
  3. Which forum has forum ID 1 in the new incarnation of JDCGames?
  4. How many staff members are there currently on JDCGames? Administrators (including JDC) are counted in this total.
  5. How many staff (restricted to normal users) forums are there at JDCGames? Group related forums DO count towards this total.
  6. A user posted on the forums insulting another user. What would you do? If you are not staff on JDCG, pretend you are for this question.
  7. How many posts do you have on JDCGames?
  8. Which forum do you post most in?
  9. How often do you visit JDCGames' Chatbox?
  10. Which of the following was never a "meme" at one point on JDCGames?
  11. What is your favourite part of the site?
  12. What is your overall opinion of the site?
  13. What is JDC's favourite breakfast cereal?

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Quiz topic: What's my JDCGames Status?