How worthy are you of being a staff member?

There are certain members that get chosen as a moderator (who have certain control over non-staff members in particular boards), due to their ability to moderate, activeness and contribution to the forum.

Do you think you'll make a worthy moderator, or rather a worthy staff member on my social forum? Take this quiz to find out and in just a few minutes, we'll see how 'worthy' you REALLY are.

Created by: Improvisator
  1. If a brand new member has just joined the social forum and makes a particular greeting (i.e. "Hi I'm new", "this is a cool site", "I like it" etc), how will you respond to that member?
  2. If I (the Administrator) made sticky rules for a particular board and there is likely a possibility for a change that should occur. What would you do first?
  3. If the thread creator broke a rule MORE THAN ONE TIME, how will you respond to them?
  4. If you see an obvious off-topic thread somewhere, what do you do? (NOTE: By 'off-topic', I mean when conversations start going from one subject to another, thereby making the thread title misleading)
  5. If I see some modifications to one of my sticky-locked threads and I change them back to what they were OR I simply modify what you added in. What will you do?
  6. When there is a flame war (i.e. arguing with profanity and belittling the other member), what should you do?
  7. A member spams the forum with unusual characters (otherwise called 'foreign language' symbols). What would you do?
  8. If someone pms you with a question regarding a query they want answered about the board, what will be your reply?
  9. If someone sends you a pm to join their forum, what's your reply going to be?
  10. If someone accidentally posts a thread in the wrong board, what is the solution?

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Quiz topic: How worthy am I of being a staff member?