THE HORSE QUIZ, do You know everything their is to know?

Hi WElcome to the HORSE QUIZ. here you will take a quizful path of knowledge to the horse world way and will go through stages to see wether your worthy to hold the top class Record!! your attempts will be judged by classes eg. E,E*,D,D*,C and C*. E grade is begginers and shows you know very little . but C* shows you are a very worthy member of horse society and are very knowledgeable

So do you think that you are worthy ? Can you make it to top class? ( C*) do you know your horse bible back to front side to side up and down and reading it closed ? Well find out in just a few short minutes to determin if YOU ARE WORTHY. *TESTTTTT!!*

Created by: bec

  1. what is a full grown male horse called?
  2. what should always be fed to a horse all year round?
  3. what do people do to horse hooves before eventing or showing?
  4. what particular brush\comb shouldnt be used on a clipped horse?
  5. what is a horse-sport played by the royale?
  6. what is the key success to dressage?
  7. what is a newborn baby horse called?
  8. what is a activity on horseback consisting of poles and wings?
  9. when should a horse be brushed?
  10. when should a horse be wormed?
  11. what are the speeds of a horse from slow to fast
  12. if a horse has "colic" what are the main signs of it?
  13. what is the height a pony can get up to before it becomes a horse?
  14. if a horse has a white patch near the lips or nostril, what is it called
  15. what can a horse be transported in?

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Quiz topic: THE HORSE QUIZ, do I know everything their is to know?