Are you worthy to leave Hogwats?

I see you have decided to take the quiz to see if you are worthy to leave Hogwarts. If you are worthy, you will have special privelages that the unworthy do not. You will get to have goody baskets, extra wands, pools, and more!

If you are not worthy, well, there's always a tomorrow! You can get another chance to do the quiz later on. You might not be ready yet, or you just might not have the qualifications you need to be to leave.

Created by: Lauren

  1. When do you usually turn permission slips in?
  2. What was your grade for Math on your last report card?
  3. How often do you leave your home?
  4. How often do you study?
  5. Do you like Honeydukes?
  6. How many after-school-activities do you have?
  7. Which house are you in?
  8. Can you keep a secret?
  9. If you see someone suffering, what do you do?
  10. Bonus: Do you want to be worthy?

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Quiz topic: Am I worthy to leave Hogwats?