Are You A Light Wolf, Dark Wolf, Or Sorcerer?

You Think Your A HUman.. But Are You? You Might Actually Be A Demon Or A Light Wolf, Maybe A Dark Wolf? Or Maybe Your A Sorcerer. Or Maybe Your Just A Human.

Ever Wandered If Your Even A Bit Magical? Take This Quiz And Find Out, If Your A Sorcerer, Light Wolf, Dark Wolf, Or An Evil Demon. Very Accurate, And True.

Created by: amazon
  1. Choose An Element.
  2. Choose A Creature.
  3. Choose A Power.
  4. Choose A Number Wisely.
  5. Choose What You Want To Be Or Are.
  6. Choose Your Favorite.
  7. Choose Your Balance.
  8. Choose Your Advantage.
  9. Choose Your Animal With Caution.
  10. Choose A Colour With Care.

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Quiz topic: Am I A Light Wolf, Dark Wolf, Or Sorcerer?