What Percent Of You Is Wolf (Accurate!)

Are You A Wolf? Do You Have Such A Personality To Take On The Wild, And Be Free? Find Out In This Pretty Accurate Quiz, Which Will Chill You With Its Amazing Correctness!

Do You Ever Want To Howl At Moon, Eat A Lot Of Meat, Feel A Tail, And Know The Wolf Language? If You Do, Then You Are Defintly A Wolf, And Will Get The Result You Want.

Created by: amazon
  1. Do You Ever Feel Like Howling At The Moon?
  2. When You Shake Your Head With Your Eyes Closed Do Your Hands Curl Into Fists?
  3. How Fast Can You Run Out Of These?
  4. Are You, Or Do You Believe To Be A Wolf?
  5. How Much Do You Know About Wolves?
  6. Are You A Good Swimmer?
  7. How Good Can You See In The Night?
  8. What Is Your Favorite Food, And What Are You?
  9. What Colour Is Your Arm Hair? (Sorry!)
  10. What Length Is Your Arm Hair? (More For Girls Only, Seeing As Men Are Hairier, No Offence.)
  11. Does It Ever Feel Like You Have A Take Coming Out Of Your Eh, BackSide?
  12. Do You Know The Wolf Language? To Make Sure, Which Of These Means Hi? (I Know I Am A Wolf.)
  13. How Sharp Are Your Teeth?

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