whats your personality

ever would excactly what kind of perosn you are? take my quiz! its not 100 percnet accurate but is totally fun! See things from a different point of view! also see just what excactly how the things you say can make people think about you! Like i said its not 100 percent accurate but is lots and lots of fun!

Are you a happy camper or a sad sally? find out! you'll have hte results soon! ALso if you dont like what you get you can always try again again and well again! Theirs 5 different answers and they are all cool! I hope you get the one that best descirbes you! plus i think youll enjoy it!

Created by: selina of candyever950
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  1. What do you do when you spot the person you like?
  2. what do you do when you spot the guy you like?
  3. eeeew you got bubble gum in your hair! what do you do!?!
  4. who's your fav singer
  5. what your fav colour?
  6. whats ur fav sport
  7. you fav animal?
  8. fav movie?
  9. who do you like?
  10. your crush asks you out! what do you do???
  11. Your boyfriend cheated on you! what do you do?

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Quiz topic: Whats my personality