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  • Your Result: Yes, calm down! 93%

    Stop stalking! You don't need to follow your crush everywhere. And you don't need to completely change yourself just for your crush either. If you two aren't meant to be, then let it be how it is. Oh yeah, you don't always need to talk about that person.

    58% Just a little.
    57% Stop obsessing, they already love you.
    28% No, not at all.

    So true, my friends always tells me to stop creepily stalking him.

  • Are you obsessed?

    Your Result: Stop obsessing, they already love you.

    Dont spend all your time hunting your prey if your crush always seems to want to spend all their time with you. So stop obsessing over them. Theres no need for that if they already love you. You two are alreadt meant to be. :)

    No, not at all.
    Just a little.
    Yes, calm down!

    YESS!!!! awesome quiz! i will stop obsessing. the only reason y i did get obsessed is cause i haven't seen them in a long time so i got nervous that they didn't like me. and at that time i really liked them.

    x aka mrlq x
  • I'm offically obsessed with my crush and I can't help it. I love my crush too much and I can't let my crush go. My crush is my total life. I'm sorry but it's so true and I don't regret it at all.

  • I am obsessed! HE IS SO SEXY!

  • no, not at all. i dnt really care if they like me or not im shy around them so when they talk to me i just blush and look down like a freakin idiot. so he probly doesnt like me. o well


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