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  • I'm ABED SOOO TRUE. And to a comment down there troys the one that likes butt stuff!! It was in that episode when Annie goes into the dreamatorium for the first time with abed! LOL... I also got 40% Chang because I'm crazy and 41% Jeff because I have really moving speeches! Good quiz very accurate!

    I love abed May 12 '13, 12:32PM
  • WTF ! Anie seriously ?
    WHY ......?

    How could I get this result man

    Indonesia1945 Nov 29 '12, 7:18PM
  • Abed F yeah! I love him he's awesome. And what's with the butt stuff.. Who's gay? The dean I think but he wasn't an option. Was I missing something?

    Skullkittehs Sep 30 '12, 9:11PM
  • I'm Britta !!! BTW, I LOVE Community!!! :)

    fatii96 Aug 8 '12, 4:07PM

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