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  • I am "the human being":

    >You are void of personality and character. Are you white, black, Asian, Hispanic? There's no way to no for sure. The only thing we do know is that you're really really creepy.<

    I didn't even know that this result was a possibility lmao

  • I'm ABED SOOO TRUE. And to a comment down there troys the one that likes butt stuff!! It was in that episode when Annie goes into the dreamatorium for the first time with abed! LOL... I also got 40% Chang because I'm crazy and 41% Jeff because I have really moving speeches! Good quiz very accurate!

    I love abed
  • WTF ! Anie seriously ?
    WHY ......?
    How could I get this result man

  • Abed F yeah! I love him he's awesome. And what's with the butt stuff.. Who's gay? The dean I think but he wasn't an option. Was I missing something?

  • I'm Britta !!! BTW, I LOVE Community!!! :)


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