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  • What Percy Jackson character are you most like?

    Your Result: Percy 82%

    Percy is a nice, and caring person. He'll never leave his friends to die, and always wants to rescue them. He is strong and a good sword fighter. He is the son of Poseidon.

    80% Thalia
    60% Clarisse
    56% Tyson
    52% Annabeth
    46% Rachel
    26% Grover
    0% Clarisse

  • I got Thalia. She's pretty cool.

    And I read the closing paragraph.... You're only on book five?!?! Oh my gods! I'm siting here waiting for House of Hades to come out. But book five was one of my favorites, and so is The Mark of Athena, you're probably really gonna like the new series.

  • The series is really good! I'm so gonna read the other series too! I would have read them sooner, but I finished rereading Harry potter in the summer (they're my favorite series of all time, Percy Jackson right after), and I read The Hunger Games, and a bunch of other books, and I'm also reading the Maximum Ride books!

  • Okay, about the two Clarisses. I made a mistake, and accidentally made two. But, points only go to one of them, the right one. So, just ignore the other Clarisse down at the very bottom. Nothing counts toward her.

  • Cool name DaughterOfApollo! Is Apollo your favorite god? My favorite's Athena! I like how you said "oh my gods"!

    • I got Thalia! Yay


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