What Disney princess are you

There are famous movies like 'frozen' or 'tangled' and others but what character are you. Are you Elsa or rapunzel or Snow White or Cinderella or Merida or maybe the little mermaid.

Which Disney princess are you? Well, you will find out in this genius quiz with questions about your personality. Your just a few minutes away on finding what princess you really are.

Created by: amazon
  1. What word describes you?
  2. What do u do in your spare time?
  3. How is your hair like?
  4. Who is your perfect guy?
  5. Who is the bad guy in ur fairy tale?
  6. Where do u sit in the classroom?
  7. What group would U fit into at school?
  8. What fruit are u like?
  9. How many siblings do u have?
  10. How will a dream come true?(in your opinion)
  11. What is your favourite movie?(does not effect score

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