Which Disney character are you

Is your best quality being adventures. Creative clever kind or just really happy and full of positivity. You get to find out wether you are like belle Olaf Cinderella or rapunzel.

Are you happy and bubbling to discover who you are most like wether you think you are or not like who you overall Disney character is. You will probably enjoy this quiz.

Created by: amazon
  1. What do like doing most
  2. What is your best personality
  3. Where would you live
  4. What is your faverite animal
  5. Who is most likely to be your friend
  6. Who would you meet on your on your way to make your dreams come true
  7. What would be the thing blocking your path to your destination
  8. What would you ride in
  9. What is your faverite thing
  10. What would your power be

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Quiz topic: Which Disney character am I