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  • Which Merlin Character Are You?
    Your Result: Lancelot 91%

    You're Lancelot, the brave and the noble. You're fit and strong, and know when someone needs a shoulder to cry on or someone to hide behind. You are the "Greatest and most noble of them all" and are willing to sacrifice your own happiness for your friends. You're happy to lay your life on the line to protect those you love, and you have wisdom and knowledge well beyond your years. People go to you knowing they can count on you when they are in a stick.

    89% Merlin
    83% Gwaine
    81% Arthur
    79% Guinevere
    9% Morgana

  • Which Merlin Character Are You?
    Your Result: Merlin

    You're like Merlin; kind, caring, selfless, and willing to always go out of your way to help other people. You can complain and often make your presence known, but you do so in a lighthearted way that can't bother anyone. You're wise and knowledgable, incredibly clumsy, and can make a blunder here or there- but you're heart is forever in the right place.

    Merlin is one of my favorites, along with Gwain. They are both the funniest in the series and the clumsiest. XD awesome quiz.

  • Which Merlin Character Are You?
    Your Result: Morgana 46%

    Oh, you evil thing. You wish illness and harm upon other people and relish on others pain. You hope to be in the thick of the torture and horribility of a situation-whats more, you want to be the cause of the chaos. You are wallowing in self pity and hatred, and you will grant sadness on many people.

    42% Guinevere
    42% Merlin
    38% Lancelot
    34% Arthur
    30% Gwaine

    Lord Voldermort
  • I love Lance he is awesome!

  • I'm Merlin =D I LOVE THIS QUIZ! ^.^


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