Yes and No questions

Nearly everyone enjoys playing YES AND NO, and so today, i have decided to make a YES AND NO quiz! there are 30 questions to answer, but becareful, you can only answer YES AND NO!

THIS IS A QUIZ FOR PEOPLE 10+ OR OVER! This YES AND NO quiz is fun, if you are bored, and so you can just answer a couple of dumb questions xD Thats all im going to say now, so just answer xD

Created by: amazon
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you awesome
  2. do you think you are popular
  3. do you have a crush?
  4. have you ever kissed your hand, to practise kissing?
  5. Have you ever asked someone out, that your friend had a crush on, for a laugh, or to attention seek?
  6. Have you ever clicked "i agree" on the terms and conditions, without reading it?
  7. Have you ever said to someone you hate them, and spread a rumour about them?
  8. Have you ever had a crush fantasy on the same gender (meaning you had a crush, but not a real one, on a girl/boy)
  9. Have you ever blamed something on someone, that was your fault?
  10. Do you hate anyone?
  11. Do you have any no friends, and sit on the computer all day?
  12. Have you ever attempted to ask someone out, and they said "No" and you got heart broke?
  13. Have you ever smelt poo?
  14. Have you ever broke someone's bone, or almost have?
  15. So you have Blue, green or brown eyes?
  16. Have you ever watched a 15+ horror movie, without permission, and got so scared you ran out the room?
  17. Have you ever trolled (pranked) someone?
  18. Have you ever heared a teacher say something, called your name out, and you were like "WTF! WHAT?"
  19. Do you, or did you have a girl/boy friend?
  20. Someone i know said they have had 10 boyfriends. I don't belive it. Do you?
  21. If you are a girl, do you wear so much makeup, you look like you have died, or i you are a boy, have you ever attempted to put on fake tan, and makeup for a joke?
  22. are you friendless?
  23. Do you still watch babyish shows, if your over 10? (if not, answer NO)
  24. Do you hate or hated school?
  25. Are you Blonde, but not dumb?
  26. do you have atleast 3+ friends?
  27. if you have a crush, is he or she more popular than you?
  28. Do you have a nickname, that is so dumb, and you get embarrased when people call you it?

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