Global Awareness Test

This quiz will test your world knowledge. Topics for these ten questions will span the globe, ranging from Russia to South America. Please read the questions and your answers carefully.

Note that this quiz is only ten questions. I have done my best to make questions that are not too easy nor too difficult for a common person to answer. Also note that this quiz was made on January 13, 2013. Questions will be based off of knowledge from this date. Good luck.

Created by: Global Awareness Test
  1. The Chinese government has...
  2. Manitoba is located in...
  3. Which of these countries is considered to be part of the Middle East?
  4. Which of these countries does not use the euro?
  5. Who is the Prime Minister of Russia?
  6. A group fighting in the Colombian Armed Conflict is...
  7. The persecuted Rohingya group is mainly...
  8. Who is the United States Secretary of Homeland Security?
  9. Who is the Supreme Leader of Iran?
  10. What natural calamity struck Australia in January 2013?

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