How good is your spelling?

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Spelling: One of the hardest things to get right. You must know how each word part fits into the word, and how to spell them. You must know certain rules to go with words.

Take this quiz to find out how good your spelling is! Have fun and try your best! Thanks for reading this paragraph (though most people don't), it will pay off! I hope this quiz was irresistible!

Created by: amazon

  1. Which of these words is spelled correctly?
  2. How do you spell the word that means "opposite of win"?
  3. Which word is NOT spelled correctly?
  4. Which has correct spelling?
  5. Which has correct spelling?
  6. Is this spelled right? -arguement
  7. Is this spelled correctly? -existence
  8. Which is spelled incorrectly?
  9. Which is spelled correctly?
  10. Which word in this sentence is spelled wrong? The noticable cookie looked irresistible.

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Quiz topic: How good is my spelling?