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  • Nice quiz! :)

    One comment, though: on the first question, you had exiting as spelled wrong. I'm guessing you meant that it was the wrong spelling of 'exciting', but exiting is a word by itself (as in, exit with an -ing; for example, exiting through a door), so that was somewhat confusing. It was a great quiz, though, as opposed to a lot of spelling quizzes, where around half the words are spelled wrong.

  • You have 80% good spelling! 80%

    Pretty good, just try a little bit harder and practice a bit more, and you'll be perfect! Look back at the answers to this quiz to see what you got wrong.

    How about NO -_-

  • I am going to go read my dictionary now.

  • Oh!!!Wow!!!it was a wonderful quiz well i got 60% thanks for taking this quiz it was full of exciting questions ..WELL TAKE MY QUIZ -YOU CAN SCORE 100% and please like it comment on it and rate it as your choice

  • Thanks for telling me, mx3200, I'll fix that so there's no confusion.


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