Spelling test! (Fun version)

Are you a good speller? Can you strive to the spelling top? This quiz testes your spelling knowledge and keeps yoyr brain and mind whirring away. So good luck!

So you think you can spell! Well find out in a matter of minutes you shall find out your true spelling head and discover your hidden spelling talents. Sorry! That was a bit over the top! Enjoy the quiz!

Created by: Vira Dash
  1. So you think this is the right spelling? Guitar.
  2. What about this one. Traveler.
  3. And this one. Packaging
  4. Hmmm... This one. Timbucktoo
  5. What about this one. Premator
  6. Right some harder ones.
  7. Here we go. Flabber-ghast.
  8. Think hard. Fizz-gogle.
  9. Ooo! Look at this. Chronological.
  10. Right number twelve. Corrieogrifi.
  11. Final word... Bye!

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