does your crush like you?

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heyyy! hoped you liked this quiz that i made for my twentyth time today. if you liked it tank you so much. i made this quiz on a friday one am in the morning

please rate and sudscride. and comment to ok people and kids and old ladys. i love you all bye all people in the world even in china. i hate justin bieber.

Created by: amazon

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  1. does he ever look at you?
  2. are you taller than him?
  3. when he is around you is he wierd to you?
  4. does he talk to you?
  5. what song do you like?
  6. does he acked weird around you?
  7. is he older than you?or you older than him?
  8. bye
  9. dfuwrfusufheildfkefhehfwejfkdjfjh
  10. if you were a guy why you take this quiz? it's for girls

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Quiz topic: Does my crush like you?