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  • but i wanted naruto !!!!!!!!!!!! why did i get sasuke

    samari miraku Nov 17 '15, 5:13PM
  • WOW!! I got Neji when i wanted Shikamaru:( Well it really doesn't matter too me cause i absolutly LOVE Neji and Shikamaru. But i still wanted ShikamaruT_T

    Kashima Jul 20 '15, 3:43AM
  • gaara.... but i like sasuke.... but both of them are awesome

    BooZuBunny Sep 9 '13, 9:55AM
  • Yay i got gaara*twitchs*i hate sasuke hes a heartless monster!!!!!!!!

    Kishin_kurisaki Apr 29 '12, 10:16AM
  • Why is it I always get Neji?
    I took the quiz more than once always being totally honest!

    SasukeLover1000 Jan 27 '11, 7:20AM
  • YAY! I got Gaara! XD
    If I were a Naruto character i'd so date him, he's so cute! ^.^!!

    ( everyone stares at me ) O_O

    Liffy Apr 9 '10, 2:30PM
  • wtf? i thought i killed him when we(Akatsuki)invaded Kohana. too much distiny crap...

    aero13 Nov 15 '09, 6:01PM
  • The boy who would most want to date you is...72%

    GAARA! You are warm hearted, well, when you want to be. You also had a hard past which hardens your heart. Gaara finds this interesting about you. You both get used to and start to like eachother over the months of training. Great job

    emogurl106 Oct 28 '09, 11:23AM
  • Why is it that I always get Neji? I wanted Shikamaru! Kidding aside, LOVED ur quiz.

    Avid follower Sep 10 '09, 3:03AM

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