Which Naruto Boy Will Date You??

So many guys to choose from, but how do you know... Which one is the right one? Well, this quiz features some questions that will build up your result. The result shows your guy and your personality.

I won't tell you which guys will be in the results, but I WILL tell you some details about the questions. Most of the questions are asked to see what your personality is like, although I had a hard time thinkin of more. But anyhow, hope you have fun with this quiz!

Created by: amazon
  1. First of all, do you like the show Naruto? (this WILL affect your results)
  2. Out of these colors, *hides behind a boulder* Which color is your favorite? *dodges tomatoes*
  3. Now lets get down to business. If you do like Naruto, who would be your favorite GIRL character?
  4. Which is your favorite BOY character?
  5. This may be stupid but, what do you do in your free time, or at least try to do?
  6. Who is your worst enemy?
  7. Ok, say you are assigned to an A-Rank mission, who would you want to be paired with?
  8. Random moment (till I come up with more questions) SPONGEBOB!
  9. Ok, sorry bout that. But anyway... Lets see. Ah I got a question now! Which girl would you want to be your best friend?
  10. Which boy do you want to be kissed by? ;)
  11. Note: ALL the answers have different effects, and I can't tell you which ones. But anyway, two more questions and I'm done. What is your hair style?
  12. Last question! What do you use to attack?

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